Update on Status or Covid-19 and IBD Patients

Attached find a table summarizing the most recent data from the International IBD database.

For more detailed information you can go to CovidIBD.org


Overall the perspective has not changed much since I lasted updated this blog in April.

Severe complications and death from Covid among this physician-reported group of IBD patients.

The data indicates that

1. Having IBD overall does not appear to put a person at excessive risk from worse outcome with IBD. 

2. 90% of deaths occured in individuals over the age of 50, 80% ocurred in individuals 60 or older.

3. Most standard agents, including 6MP, remicade, humira, entyvio do not appear to increase risk, steroids and multiple immunosuppessing drugs do appear to increase the one's risk of doing poorly.

We continue to recommend all CDC guidelines and definitely recommend being extra careful if you take steroids (such as prednisone) or multiple immunosupressing agents.

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